The dropper cap is used together with a screw cap type 1.1-20 (B). The item has two holes – еру main and compensating, which allow measuring the number of falling drug drops. At customer's option the items are put together with a screw cap type 1.1-20 (B) with cut-off cone, that close the bottle after closuring with a dropper cap

The cap PPV-12 is used for sealing the bottles FV-20 FVM-20, the inner throat diameter is 12.4 mm.

The caps are used for additional closure. Their use allows avoiding such adverse effect as absorption of a substance into plastic and passing out coloring.

The cap with closure element type 1.2 is used for tight “blind” closure of glass medical bottles. 

The caps combined from aluminum, type KP-2-20 (international designation – Flip Off) are designed for fixation of rubber caps AB on the bottle tops type FO (penicillin). The plastic cap provides protection against contaminations and mechanical damages as well simple and free access to the surface after removing the plastic cap.