однократного применения ТУ BY 600012098.023- 2010

Polymeric medical connectors (SMP) are designed for connection of various medical devices and fluid containers.
SMP - 01 for connection of a container with distilled water and an incubator moisturizer.
SMP - 02 for connection of polymeric containers and glass bottles with hemoadditive and preserved blood.
SMP - 03 for connection of a dialyzer needle and blood tube lines at carrying out of blood clearance procedure in patients with acute and chronic nephratonia.
SMP - 04 for connection of syringes in bleeding control using Fibrinostat and Fibrinostat M devices.
SMP - 05 for connection of a polymeric container and blood line for filling dialyzer-blood tube line set with physiological saline, at primary stage of haemodialysis.

Characteristic Features

Connector tubes are made of transparent medical polyvinyl chloride free of phthalates (DEHP / DOP Free). This material is produced at the enterprise with the use of innovative European materials approved in medical practice.

Operational Performance

  • Clamps provide secure locking of connectors;
  • Luer and Luer lock connectors are adapted for injection needles, peripheral and central venous catheters, other medical products with the same port and provide safe locking;
  • Airway needle is equipped with a bactericidal filter;
  • Transparent tube wall helps to control the process;
  • Individual package contains sealed parcel made of thermoformed composite film and gas-permeable paper with the information relating to the product on it;
  • Sterilized by using of ethylene oxide in sterilization chambers.


  1. Sterilization – gas, ethylene oxide (EО).
  2. The diameter of the bottle needle (SMP-02) is 2.6 mm.
  3. The diameter of the airway needle (SMP-02) is 2.0 mm.
  4. The diameter of the polymer needle is 5.2 mm.
  5. Packing material – a parcel made of thermoformed film and gas-permeable paper.
  6. Sterile, pyrogen-free, non-toxic
  7. Shelf life in original packing is 5 years from the manufacturing date.
  8. Quantity per box: SMP-01, SMP-02, SMP-03 – 150 pcs.

                                           SMP-04 – 300 pcs., SMP-05 – 100/1 pcs.

Registration in Republic of Belarus

Technical Specification BY 600012098.029-2016

Designed for filling vials and bottles filled with drugs, biological fluids, corked stoppers.


d, mm

Weight 1000 pcs. caps, not more than, kg

nominal size (internal)

marginal deviation

К-2-13 PN




К-2-14 PN




К-2-20 PN




К-3-28 PN




К-3-32 PN




К-3-34 PN




Quantity per box – 10000 pcs or 5000 pcs.

Guaranteed shelf life - 3 years from the date of manufacture.

caps of the same name and size are packed in bulk in a plastic bag and boxes made of corrugated cardboard.

Registration in Republic of Belarus