однократного применения ТУ BY 600012098.028-2015

Designed for perfusion of organs during explantation at a deceased donor, with gravitational supply of perfusion solution from glass and polymer containers.

Characteristic Features

Basic elements of a tube line are a tube and a drip chamber made of medical polyvinyl chloride free of phthalates (DEHP / DOP Free). This material is produced at the enterprise with the use of innovative European materials approved in medical practice.

Operational Performance

  • Design of a double-tube polymeric needle makes it easy to connect the set both to firm glass/polymeric containers and to soft polymeric container. Sharp needle tip could easily pass through either a rubber cork of a bottle or a nipple of a polymeric container with infusion agents providing full discharge of the container;
  • Air channel of the polymeric needle is equipped with hydrophobic membrane, sponginess of which is of high performance for transfusion speed; the way of air passing to the container is bacterium free;
  • Semi-flexible transparent drip chamber and transparent tubing lines helps to watch and control the flooding of tubing lines and the process of perfusion;
  • Transparent tube wall allows to eliminate possibility of air inclusions;
  • Conic filter, fixed in the chamber of a dropping set, provides elimination of microparticles with a size of more than 175 micron;
  • Individual package contains sealed parcel made of thermoformed composite film and gas-permeable paper with the information relating to the product on it;
  • Sterilized by using of ethylene oxide in sterilization chambers


  1. Operational length: arterial tubing line – 3920 mm. Venous tubing line – 3045 mm.
  2. Filter with mesh size of 175 µm.
  3. Water repellent air filter with size of pores up to 3 µm.
  4. Sterilization – gas, ethylene oxide (EО).
  5. Packing material – a parcel made of thermoformed film and gas-permeable paper.
  6. Sterile inside, non-toxic.
  7. Shelf life in original packing is 5 years from the manufacturing date.
  8. Quantity per box – 5 pcs.
  9. Individual package is supplied with an application sheet in Russian.

Registration in Republic of Belarus